Sofia Kourtesis is a Peruvian-born, Berlin-based musician and producer which released her first EP in 2019. One year after Sarita Colonia, she has released a new EP called Fresia Magdalena in 2021 which is out now via Technicolour (a Ninja Tune imprint). Now she’s back with a new track called “Estación Esperanza” which features Manu Chao.

Speaking of the track Kourtesis says: “‘Estación Esperanza’ is all about hope. I’m hopeful my mother will get better, I’m hopeful the world will begin to heal, I’m hopeful this song will bring you light on dark days. I first wrote this song after listening to Manu Chao. To me Manu Chao has always represented hope, his lyrics were like a bible to me growing up. This song is for him, my mother and all those activists working hard to make this world better.. never lose hope!”

Listen below.