Sara Bug is a Nashville based singer-songwriter and musician. She defines herself as a “world’s finest southern-kitsch artist. Born in Mississipi, raised in Louisiana, stuck in Nashville. She signed with Egghunt Records and has announced the release of the self-titled debut album which will be out on May 14th. We already shared “Rosebank”; “Die With You” is a new excerpt.

She explains: “I wrote die with you, the oldest song on the album, in 2013 on my parents front porch. It seems like a love song, but I don’t remember who it’s about, or if it ever even was about someone specific. In 2013, during some of my darkest moments, I remember thinking a lot about and writing a lot about how badly I desired the approval of my loved ones and even the approval of myself. When I stripped myself bare of all the bullshit, could I stand up straight and tall in the bright sunshine and still be someone special? Die with you was then and still is now, a sort of foreshadowing of what I hope my life becomes.”

Listen below.