Manchester’s best-kept secret Sahala aka Scottish vocalist Sahala Larnyoh links with the king of Salford Strategy on the2-step meets street-soultrack “Bring Out The Best”. It’s the lead single from the duo’s debut release on Tru Thoughts: Nectar EP.

“Bring Out The Best is about finally realising my worth and that I have now decided I want the best out of life and myself” Sahala explains. Talking about the concept of the EP she adds: “Nectar is the sweet substance from flowers that attracts bees and insects to help pollinate and with this EP I wanted to showcase a sweetness from my soul, sweet soul food for everyone to absorb and in essence pollinate their own creativity, whether it inspires their spark of creativity or awakens them spiritually. Nectar (in Greek and Roman mythology) is the drink of the Gods.”

Listen below.