American DJ and producer Ron Trent has announced his first album in 11 years. What do the stars say to you will be out on June 24th via Night Time Stories. It features Khruangbin, Gigi Masin and Jean-Luc Ponty, plus Ivan Conti and Alex Malheriros from Azymuth.

He explains:“I’m a huge fan of everyone on the record, especially Jean-Luc and Azymuth, who’re part of my DNA. Each track was made with that guest in mind – for example, when I started writing ‘Sphere’, I immediately thought ‘this IS Ponty’. I played the keys in his style, and did a guide violin solo using a synth, which he then re-did, amazingly. ‘Cool Water’ is based around Azymuth themes, so when I sent it to Ivan, he could immediately see himself in the piece; He got what I was going for straight away. For ‘Melt Into You’ I hit up Alex on Instagram, sent him the track, he liked it, and within 24 hours he’d sent back six different bass passes!”   

“Conversely, Admira began with a sketch sent by Gigi and became something combining Jon Hassell-esque chords and the feel of ‘Aquamarine’ by Carlos Santana, which links back to Masin’s recurrent nautical theme”,
Check the new excerpt below.