Reyes|Stokowy is theChicago based duo of musicians Jordan Reyes and Robert Stokowy. They have announced the release of the collaborative debut album called Northern Ashroud Is My Country which will be out on May 6th via American Dream Records. “II” is a new excerpt.

According to the press release, The pair worked together and apart. “Musically,” Stokowy says, “we had to find a common language.” One generative entry point was a poem by the Russian lyric poet Sergey Yesenin, which inspired the album’s subtitle. Reyes recalls an early moment in the pair’s collaboration: “One of the first things Robert did was ask: ‘I want to see how quiet you can make this. How quiet can it go and I can still hear something?’” Where Reyes provided formalized musical instruments, Stokowy’s setup was makeshift, diffuse: “I had a just-broken guitar, and a bunch of speakers, and some tools that I’d put together.

Listen below.