Prequel Tapes is the project of the German producer and DJ Marco Freivogel. According to his bio, His DJing is anything but straight techno with his recorded sets, podcasts and radio appearances chosen for mixes of the month by the likes of pitchfork, secret thirteen and dasfilter.

The Golden Cage is the new album which will be out on June 24th via Veyl. According to the press release, Completing an album cycle of themes and exploration which began with 2015’s Inner SystemsThe Golden Cage is perhaps Prequel Tapes’ most diverse and expansive work – utilising the artist’s own vocals for the first time and evolving his production and sound to new, uncharted dimensions.

Working off the trauma of his father’s suicide, The Golden Cage was spawned from a hyper-realistic dream experience that revealed the artist’s path, catalysing new productions and techniques. The result is a striking work of unconventional electronics that journeys through rhythms, atmospheres and experimentations. A true narrative of a continuously challenging personal journey.

Check the excerpts below.