Went is the project of Italian, London based singer-songwriter and musician Emanuele Porrelli. Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “Talk To Me” which follows the debut single “Reasons”. It features Giuseppe Santorsola (drums), Marco Menchise (guitar), Gianluca Aceto (bass) and Dario Ladisa (bass).

The track shows the stunning warm vocals and the well-built and dynamic melodies tinged with soul vibes. He explains: ” ‘Talk to me’ is a request for dialogue, a desire to bring down the walls that often hinderhold us back in romantic relationships and not only; however it goes out with a surrender in the last bars of the song. There is a thought that may not be shared by everyone: our generations are often frightened by feelings, we are often frightened by great emotions to the point of ruining our special moments, we are frightened by love in some cases, we have little hope. but in the photos we always smile and our socials often show a life that is not what we are and what we feel.

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