Wearesynthetic are an Italian band born in 2014 in Sassari (Sardinia). According to the press release, their sound is groovy and inspired by the ’80s, with a contemporary indie clubbing attitude. All songs are composed with a sequencer and a synthesizer (beside bass and guitar).

They have announced the release of a new EP called Ready for Porn which will be out in Dicember via Costello’s and Artist First. After the first excerpt “Cherries”, they are back with a new track called “Malicious“. They explain: “Who doesn’t know, among their connection, a character so small and bad, that he deserves a song in which to tell his deeds? This track is about him. This time the first music from Soulwax or Fujiya & Miyagi comes to mind. The synth arpeggio is at least as evil as its inspiring character.

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