The Mining Co. is the project of London-based musician and singer-songwriter Mike Gallagher. He has announced the release of a new album called Phenomenology which will be out on October 1st. On August 27th, he’s going to release a double single of

According to the press release, Having released a series of albums inspired by folk, country and Americana Michael decided to make a left turn into electronic arrangements for Phenomenology. A long- term fan of Sparklehorse as well as Magnetic Fields and eels, Michael’s love of science fiction and story-telling made the move into electronics the obvious next step.

When asked about the decision to go electronic, Michael explains “I wanted to give the narratives the feeling of them floating out into the beyond via static & electronic waves. The delivery and production of my vocal varies across the album to help give the sense of me portraying different characters telling their story”. Phenomenology is a concept album of sorts, the central protagonist Talby is the lead character of the 1974 cult sci fi film Dark Star by John Carpenter, and is a metaphorical journey into the unknown, where one has no choice but to face one’s fears, a hero’s journey indeed. With Phenomenology Michael further cements his talent as a songwriter and story-teller par excellence, whether singing with guitar or keyboard, he is clearly one of the UK most singular talents.

Today we have the pleasure to share the track “Superhero“.