Fribourg born cellist Sara Oswald has announced her first solo album called Bivouac which will be out on September 30th and features Franz Treichler, Julian Sartorius e Patrice Moret. According to the press release, it is as a tribute to the mountains. A pure cello record with cinematographic and alpine atmospheres, yet very pop in intention.

Throughthis record, SaraOswald shares a bit of her long mountain walks, her life in a chalet and her love for nature. She perfectlytranslates thisa prioricontradictory feeling one gets when facing wilderness: omnipotence when thesummit is reached and the world is under your feet, but also the deep humility in the face of greatnesssurroundingus.Sara Oswaldcreates the atmospheres of “Bivouac” almost entirely herself. In addition to the cello, she playsmany other instruments: voice, piano, wurlitzer, OP1 and organelle. 

Check the full streaming below.