Piotr Wiese is a Polish composer, pianist and producer, who focuses on modern-classical, instrumental piano music and his main influences are Joep Beving, Otto Totland and Nils Frahm. He has announced the release of a new EP called Coming Home which will be out on September 16th via Moderna Records.

According to the press release, “Coming Home” is all about a journey – the one you undertake to get to know your true self. Sometimes a lot of time has to pass to get to the place where you live your own life, rather than the lives of others. And then when you get to that place it feels like ‘coming home’ from a long journey. There can nonetheless be sadness because there are people, often loved ones, you had to leave behind to live in peace with yourself amidst the joy of the return to self.”

Today we share the track “The Day She Left“. Listen below.