Oats is a London based musician and singer-songwriter. According to his bio, His obsession with music started in his early years after being exposed to various strands of Psych, and the spine-chilling soundtracks of Horror films. He started experimenting with music at a young age with his elder siblings, recording sounds onto old analogue equipment found at car boot sales. Since then, he has continued his musical journey in his homey bedroom studio, capturing and mixing all the tunes which are created there. 

The neo-psych sounds of the forever-curious Oats first emerged in 2018 with his luminous EP Candle Fingers. A tripped-out introductory release influenced by a dream journal. He then released his second EP Good Thyme on Custom Made Music in 2019. He’s back with a new track called “Green People” which will be part of the upcoming EP with the same title.

He explains: “I wrote this song during ill health, with feelings of claustrophobia and isolation. I wanted the main sections to resemble a tranquil escape capsule flying away from drawn out feverish days… before being blasted back into reality during the outro section of the song”

Listen below.