Nic Marsél is the project of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Nicola Cereda, known also for his work with the band Circo Fantasma and the collaboration with artists such as Steve Wynn, Manuel Agnelli, Emidio Clementi, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Cesare Basile and many more. He has announced the release of a new album.

N.U.P. Nessuna Utilità Pratica will be out on November 10th via Viceversa Records and it was produced by Pasquale De Fina (Volwo). According to the press release, the 12-track full-length refers to the very essence of art, the shape of which is more mysterious and elusive and is shown through music.

He explains: “I have always believed in the strength of the band intended as a group, focused my work on sharing and collaboration. Five records have made me dance a little bit with everyone, but on certain trails you must walk in solitude. In this first solo album there is a big slice of my world. Writing songs is therapeutic as the creative process involves a certain amount of self-analysis and catharsis. The secret is being able to hide it to the listener convincing him in getting involved by self-identification. Through a song it can be simple or very difficult because it’s just a 3 minutes journey at the end of which, in any case, you get off. Someone else must have already said that… Enjoy your listening!”

Listen below.