Liminka (Andreas Kühn) is a producer and composer born in Finland, raised in Germany, and currently based in Austria; he has previously released work under the Sidi alias. As a teenager, he played drums and saxophone in a few bands but became more serious about creating music when he discovered music production software at the age of 16, after which he would begin to incorporate both the guitar and rolling electronic elements into his work.

Where Are You Now” is the debut single which is out on March 18th via Deep Heads. He explains: “This tune is a reconnection with myself as a producer since it was the first song I wrote in a long time. I was searching for this hidden part of me that used to write this kind of music, trying to be true to myself. I also kind of wrote it to my girlfriend at the time. I was stuck at home because I had an injury, but could not reach her, so I made music in the hope she would hear me.

Listen below.