Estonian artists Laur Pihel and Greta Liisa Grünberg have announced their first collaborative EP called Only For You I Can Write These Words which will be out on September 17th via Schole Records. Pre-order is available here. It includes 4 versions of the single (original version, solo piano, acoustic and with Bansuri).

Today we have the pleasure to share the original version. Listen below and check our chat with Laur Pihel.

Let’s start from the current situation. How are you living these strange times and what are the main concerns as an artist?

Pandemic hasn’t affected me much as an artist, because I’m not giving concerts. But I think that this strange situation in the world should remind us that everything in life is constantly changing and that suffering is also a part of this world. There is a way out, for me it is partly connected to writing music.

“Only for you i can write these words” is your first collaborative EP. What are the first vivid memories of this collaboration and what was the main focus when you started to think to the original song of the EP?

Our collaboration evolved naturally and at first we just started making music together without no intention of releasing it. I am very happy that I found such a talented singer like Greta Liisa Grünberg. It is very inspiring to work together and in many ways we think likewise. She understands my music naturally and intuitivly. A lot of times she first hears the melodies floating somewhere in the backround when I play her my music.

That is also what happened with “Only for you”. I had some Estonian lyrics and she just heard how they should sound when I was playing the melody. “Only for you” is a song that was as if almost already there and ready, we just needed to pick it up and play it out.

The Artwork is very interesting and mirrors perfectly the music and the title of the song and EP. How did you choose it?

I would like to thank the talented artist Shin Kikuchi, who made the artwork for this EP. I liked the idea of a feather motiv as it refers potentially to writing, but also it is delicate, light and airy. He has captured it very beautifully.

The Ep includes the original track “Only for you i can write these words” and three different versions (solo piano, Acoustic, with Bansuri). How was born this idea?

The idea came from Akira Kosemura. We agreed with him as we highly value his experience and opinion. At fist we didn’t know exactly how we should create the different versions of “Only for you”. So it took quite a long time, about a year, for the creative process and recording the songs.

You are from Estonia. I’m very interested to the connection between the places we live over the years, our roots and the art. How do you feel these theme connected to your music, your way to think music? What are your favorite places which inspired the most?

Overall I think music is very universal and doesn’t have to belong to a certain place. I could even say that, for me, music itself is a beautiful and clear space, where I can go. But of course I love Estonia and I feel good here. This land, people and language affects me in many ways . My favourite places in this world, in addition to the musical space, are Tallinn, the beautiful island of Hiiumaa and Tibetian Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas.

Ritual question. Have you seen or heard anything good recently?

I see and hear something good every day. Just today my partner told me that she is happy with me. I was petting my dog and I was baffled how much gratefulness I saw in it’s eyes… I love life and people, it is my source of happiness.