ISMA is a Paris born producer and composer. According to his bio, In 2015 he signed his first solo EP Landscape with the alias ISMA with Jihelcee Records.  With this work, he created his own characteristic sound, a more ambient and downtempo sound. In 2019 he worked on a second EP called “HEALTH” creating a sonic texture,  a more personal and sincere work, which really looks like him, connecting with his Iraqi roots, and expanding his passion for oriental, trip-hop and electronic music.  He has collaborated with different and talented artists such as Triplego, Kahena, BxRod, Attila Mora and Juxe and was released by Cascade Records in the same year.

He teamed up with newcomer, Norway raised, Copenhagen-based producer and singer Varnrable. Signed under Copenhagen label Escho, she has released five singles and her first EP “Hard Tech Soft Feelings” . She has also released on Copenhagen Label Kulør, with her song “Cold Bright Hard Light” . Her self-produced songs roam in the field of techno, soul and experimentalism, catchy and repetitive like a musical daughter of Tirzah and Laurie Anderson.

They have announced a collaborative EP called Please Throw a Stone Through my Window which will be out in March 2021 via French Label Cascade Records. Today we have the pleasure to share the new track called “Sticky With No Glue” which shows the embracing and warm vocals and the glitchy and evocative production. According to the press release, It talks about ambivalants feelings for somebody that we won’t see go away.

They explain: “When we hold on to this romanticized and unreal vision of this person while this story that no longer exists. For this track, despite hard feelings that we could be affected in listening the lyrics, the brighty and airy music counterbalances words thus bringing a touch of hope.”

Listen below.