German musician and composer Gary Marlowe began playing piano at four, turned into a synthesizer prodigy and much respected “synth god”, shared the stage with Iggy Pop and The Ramones, became a No.1 hit songwriter, and Gold Record winning producer. He is an official Steinway Artist, and has won numerous international awards for his film scores, which combine synthesizers, piano, electronica and orchestra to create unexpected, beautifully human sound worlds.

He has announced the release of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie “Everything Will Change” directed by Marten Persiel, who won the Berlinale Perspektive 2014 with his acclaimed and controversial “This Ain’t California”. It will be out tomorrow via Denovali Records. Check the new track “The Ocean Says“.

About the movie. According to the press release, When a living legend like Wim Wenders (“Paris, Texas”; “The Million Dollar Hotel”; “Buenavista Social Club”) decides to appear as a future version of himself in a movie, there must be something outstanding about it. The idea of the film is brilliant: We see our time through the eyes of our grandchildren, many years ahead. By the means of a fable, disguised as a documentary from the future, we understand that the era we critizise so much will actually be seen as the good old days. A true eye-opener. Rarely have the devastating effects of climate change and mass extinction been explained in a better way.