Flica, the project of Malaysian musician and producer Euseng Seto, has shared a new version of his track “Limbo”. It was remixed by label-mate Shuzhen. It  is the fourth instalment in a series of re-imagining and re-work of selected tracks from mü-nest label’s “Music For Home” series.

According to the press release, In this simple but yet infectious track, Shuzhen wanted to create the uncertainty and unsettling feelings “when everything is out of control, when there’s nothing much we can do, and it’s ok to stay in the loop, till eventually we’ll get out of it”.

The entire piece is inspired by one of Shuzhen’s favourite composer Erik Satie, renowned for his “pure simplicity, monotonous repetition, and highly original modal harmonies”, which fits perfectly into her imagination about this remake. In this track, Shuzhen used only 2 modes of chords to accompany the melody, in order to create the dissonant feelings, and let the melody flows within. And in the lingering sound of the last note, we seem to have found a long-lost redemption.