Azadeh is a London-born singer-songwriter. Being of Persian descent, she has crafted a catalogue of her own unique fusion of Western Folk inspired Persian songs. This soon lead to support from BBC Persian and performances at Edinburgh Iranian Festival and the San Francisco Yerba Buena Centre celebrating Diaspora Women in Music. She’s also embarked on solo UK tours with the likes of Robert Cray, Jools Holland, Melanie C, Deacon Blue and Status Quo.

We introduced her with the powerful debut single “The Cure”; she will release her first EP later this year and today we have the pleasure to share a new excerpt called “Nothing More“. It is about taking control of an ending relationship. It’s a track that marks the emergence of what’s sure to be a stunning musical journey. Speaking on the inspiration behind the new single, Azadeh states:

Nothing More is a song about a moment in time when you know a relationship is well and truly over and it’s time to take a deep breath, turn around, walk away and never look back. It’s a song about that turning point when you reach a crossroads in life and the new path you have chosen may not necessarily be the easy one – in fact it may be full of unknowns and great hardships – but in the long run it will become the most fulfilling and life affirming journey yet. Its easy to stay in a place, or in a relationship of any sort, where you simply go with the flow, but that uncomfortable lingering feeling can gradually snowball into a voice that can’t be ignored: you will never be happy until you leave.  Nothing More is about honouring that voice.”

Listen below.