Thin Reactions is the first collaborative between Italian musicians and composers Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito who we had the pleasure to see live at Time Zones Festival in 2019, as opening of Colin Stetson live show in Bari. It will be out on October 22nd via Non sempre nuoce (a new label focusing on Neapolitan underground scene: from post clubbing scene to Mediterranean retro sonorities). Pre-order is available here.

According to the press release, A singular mix between ambient music and post clubbing scenarios, through the use of saxophone, field recordings, drone sounds and tense rhythms, Thin Reactions has been composed during several months and at least a lockdown. The album doesn’t reflect the overall feeling of constriction typical of these days though. It is an escape from a hectic reality instead, a personal way of creating a diversion in order to wander off from a heavy sensation of stillness.

As the two musicians put it “Thin Reactions is an album consisting of sounds coming from invisible cities and intimate landscapes. It is a sonic trip you can take through a sensory experience. It is music that allows you to take a deep breath”.

Today we have the pleasure to share the first excerpt called “Rifts“. They explains that it is “a melancholic song to celebrate what it has been and at the same time to welcome the changes that will come peering through the cracks that surround us we come to choose whether to abandon ourselves to regret or to move forward”.

Listen below.