Altre di B are the Italian band comprised of Giacomo Gelati (vocals, guitar), Alberto Laffi (guitar), Andrea Ortolani (drums) and Giovanni Ruggeri (bass). According to their bio, they have played hundreds of gigs all over Europe and North America (including also their shows at Primavera Sound and SXSW Festival), carrying around a lively and energetic sound inspired by bands such as TV on the Radio and the Vines.

Four years after Miranda!, they have announced the release of a double single called Green Tea Tiramisù/It’s so cool which will be out tomorrow via Costello’s Records and We Were Never Being Boring. Today we have the pleasure to share the track “Green Tea Tiramisù” which is a dedication to the former keyboardist of the band Vittorio Marchetti (Osc2x).

They explain: “ ‘Green tea tiramisù’ is the dedication to our former keyboardist Vittorio Marchetti, former singer and bassist of the band Obagevi, a fundamental figure and a friend with whom we recorded two albums and shared five years of live shows, before he went solo with the electronic project Osc2x.

Some peculiar traits of Vittorio emerge with this song, from his love for chocolate bars to his passion for keyboards, passing through his overflowing creative flair and the recklessness of certain arguments that don’t fear the judgment of others. But in case he gets into trouble in a conversation, he would raise his arm and fly away like a superhero. Leaving everyone stunned with their noses upwards.”

Listen below.