Four years ago we introduced Brghton based band Phoria and their debut album Volition. Now they have announced the release of the new album called Caught A Black Rabbit which will be out on November 13th via Akira Records. We already shared “Intro”,  “Fairytail” and “Current”; “Nouveau-Ne” is the new excerpt.

I wanted to honour the first ever baby born to a band member with a fresh, innocent piece. To capture the excitement of that new little spark of life” says band member Trewin Howard. “It was actually finished and sent to the hospital on the day little Evanny was born. Mumma, Pappa, and her tiny new ears all heard it together out of a crunchy phone speaker within hours of her arriving in the world. So touched! Imagine what nonsense it must have sounded like to her trippy little baby mind!” says Howard of the song.