Australian sound artist and composer Paul Schütze has announced the release of a new album called The Second Law which will be out on November 12th via Panthom Limb. It is a compilation highlighting his extensive career from the 80’s and 90’s.

According to the press release, The compilation collates music from Schütze’s various periods and albums. Represented here are tracks from 1990’s The Annihilating Angel, an album of blissed-out fourth-world mystery; from the transcendent homage to traditional Indonesian gamelan music The Rapture of Metals (1993); from the ethereal, spiritual, Nino Rota-esque melancholy of 1991’s Regard: Music by Film. It is occasionally dark, industrial and begrimed; occasionally paradisiacal and breathtakingly elegant. There are works of celestial, astronomic grandeur alongside microscopically detailed miniatures. Empty, deserted spaces of man-made abandonment contrast with studies of ornate natural beauty.

Check the first excerpt below.