On Man is a London-based producer whose previous collaborations include Giggs, Darq E Freaker, Zebra Katz and Mr Hudson amongst others. He has just signed to Houndstooth and released the self-titled debut album which is out now via Houndstooth.

Speaking about signing to Houndstooth, On Man said “I’ve been a big fan of the label and their artists for a long time now, so teaming up with them is a dream. It’s exciting to explore where things can go now I’ve got a bunch of brilliant people to work with.”

Watch the new video for the track “Survive This“. Speaking about the track, On Man said “I wrote ‘Survive This’ in one of many lovely sessions with Lotti from HAELOS. It’s a doomed love story of the lies we tell and let ourselves be told. It started as a fairly upbeat track but slowly turned into the pared-back-goes-big monster it’s become.

The video began with Ian, the director, presenting me with a story he’d read of an elderly man being prosecuted for assisting his wife’s suicide. I’ll be honest, I was very wary of this idea at first. I’d recently had close personal experience of suicide and it felt way too raw. I was also worried about romanticising or exploiting the situation. But slowly, as we discussed and developed it, the story emerged into something that felt right and true. There is no doubt that it is brutal but it is also, ultimately, a story of what we would do for the people we love.

We didn’t want to confuse or curtail the story to fit the song so we allowed the narrative to lead the way as we put the visuals together. I deconstructed the track and reworked it into a soundtrack to fit this. 

It was a dream to work with the legends Christopher Fairbank (Alien 3, The Fifth Element) and Tim Bentinck (The Archers). They both brought a weight and realism to the performance that exceeded Ian’s and my expectations.”