KURMA is the collaboration between Brooklyn based trumpeter, composer and bandleader Michael Sarian and Argentinian, Barcelona-based composer and musician Olec Mün. It will be out on July 8th via piano and coffee records. “Svāhā” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

According to the press release, KURMA, in Sanskrit, means ‘tortoise’. According to Hindu mythology, during the great universal deluge, countless treasures were lost. In an effort to recover them, Deities and Demons joined forces in order to upset the cosmic ocean. Vishnu, known as “The Preserver”, took on the form of a tortoise, and submerged into the depths of the ocean. On his shell he carried a mountain and coiled therein was a great snake that shook the waters, creating such chaos that would in turn bring about renewed order.

One year after their first release, Michael Sarian and Olec Mün present their new EP, KURMA. Having settled into a shared musical language created in synergy, the two eclectic musicians create a universe in sound to tell this tale of chaos and order, inherent to creation itself. As in their first release, MAKARA, Mün sets the terrain with synthesizers and sound design, giving Sarian a canvas on which to paint with his trumpet and FX. This collaboration transcends genre and invites all to listen intently, navigating the different emotions the music inspires.