OHMA is the Los Angeles based duo comprised of Mia Garcia and Hailey Niswanger. they have released a new album called Between All Things which is out now via Colorfield Records. According to the press release, it is a world in which a sonic forest blooms simultaneously in all directions.

The record begins with a meditative state, eliciting the openness of a journey unfolding. A gentle saxophone acts as the guide to enter the sphere, inviting the listener to become one with the sounds. With each moment new sonic doors are opened, evoking an array of emotions. “We encourage the listener to be guided by the sounds to where they must go,” explains Niswanger. Ranging from earthy bass tones and flowing flutes to analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines, the record provides a full range of the sonic spectrum. Each song on the album is entirely unique to itself but holds an essence of familiarity and timelessness, all of which contributes to the connection between all things. Integrating life’s rhythm, the pair recorded lakes, fire, leaves, and birds to collaborate with the orchestra of nature. Their process is experimental, always guided by play.

Listen below.