Mint Julep is the collaborative project between American composers and musicians Keith Kenniff (Helios, Goldmund) and Hollie Kenniff. They have announced the release of a new album which follows 2020’s Stray Fantasies. In a Deep & Dreamless Sleep is out on March 19th via Western Vinyl. “Black Maps” is the first excerpt.

According to the press release, Where the former album bore a crystalline latticework of defined pop structure, the latter blunts the sharpness and softens the glare, striking a balance between song-craft, and Hollie’s solo material, as well as Keith’s output as Goldmund and Helios. In a Deep & Dreamless Sleep assumes a more aerated form, exuding a heavy fog of shoegaze sensibility, though the infectious pop know-how of its precursor remains firmly intact.

Listen below.

Our previous material tended to be structured largely in a verse/chorus setting,” Keith explains, “but these songs are more free flowing and through-composed with a focus on mood and texture. He continues “A lot of the songs are more stream-of-consciousness than premeditated; we went with first ideas and let them guide the composition rather than planning a definitive road map– which hopefully lends itself to creating a specific and unique emotional connection.