Swiss-Turkish musician Mehmet Aslan has announced the release of a new album called The Sun Is Parallel which is out on November 11th via Planisphere Editorial. According to the press release, With diverse tempos and styles, from frazzled electronics for open-minded dancefloors to cinematic instrumental passages, the album finds a devoted producer at his most considered and sensitive; all made with squinting eyes looking up at the sun, with the grooves soaked in its omnipotent glare.

With most of the album being written and performed with his live bandmates Daniel Pankau (guitar) and Alican Tezer (drums), the result is an adventurous and constantly surprising body of work. It benefits from Aslan’s precision as a producer while retaining the dynamics of live instrumentation, giving it an organic and textured feel, situating Aslan amongst similarly transcendent producers/arrangers like Floating Points and Lucrecia Dalt.
Check the new excerpt “Garden” which features Valentina Magaletti.