Luton are the Italian duo that involve Roberto P. Siguera and Attilio Novellino. Three years after debut full-lenght Black Box Animals, they have announced the release of the sophomore album called Eden which will be out on September 17th. According to the press release, Through a unique blend of abstract electronic structures, electro-acoustic elements, classical orchestration and a cryptic and psychological approach to the sound, their work encourages different and experiential music explorations never settling into a predefined genre.

Check the first excerpt “How We Got Into The Mess“.


With the finishing touches of the album recorded between Italy and the inspiring desert landscapes of the Jordan border and Scotland, the resulting ninety-minute sonic submergence titled ‘‘Eden’ was a 3-year engagement with some of the hardest questions to be asked by the human race: Is the world made of language? What happens when we die? Is the imagination more real than our universe? What happens when we are stuck in the memory? Can we attest the presence of the heaven without the middle of hell?
From the delicate undertones of ‘How We Got into The Mess’ and celestial dance frequencies of ‘Confluence’ to the pulsing, abstract rumblings of ‘Leaving Society’, Luton create a series of moody, sonic explorations taking in ambient, electronic and post-classical soundscapes. Elsewhere, the gentle piano on tracks like ‘Womb’ and ‘White Ellipse’ create a deeply unsettling atmosphere – a common theme throughout the album. As a result, ‘Eden’ is a unique blend of electronic music that is hypnotic, intimate and thought-provoking.