One year after Free Cell, American New York based singer-songwriter and musician Lina Tullgren has announced the release of a new EP called Visiting which will be out January 22nd, 2021 via Ba Da Bing and it is the inaugural release of New York based label new series where artists make music completely unlike anything they’ve previously released. Check the first excerpt called “Gravel Foot“.

According to the press release, The three longform improvised pieces on Visiting feature Tullgren on their first instrument, picked up at the age of seven, and besotted by tedious hours practicing performance in the rigorous style of classical music. “For a kid, learning violin is a real blow to your self-esteem, because it takes so long to get the instrument to sound good,” Tullgren says. At the age of 13, ,Tullgren’s teacher gave them a different kind of music to sight read, a fiddle tune. Their interest in the piece inspired Lina’s mother to send them where the young teen was fated to go: fiddle camp in rural Maine! For the first time, they felt the communal power of music. Their playing shifted from an attempt to achieve perfection to a “joyful and unrestrained” exploration of tone and timbre, how subtleties of differing approaches affected the entire mood of what they played.