After announcing A Mirror Holds The Sky (on his own label ROOM40), Brisbane-based sound artist Lawrence English has announced a new release called Observation of Breath which will be out on September 10th via Lucerne based label Hallow Ground. According to the press release, he worked exclusively with an organ for four compositions that are exercises in »maximal minimalism,« as their creator himself notes in a nod to Charlemagne Palestine, who coined this term.

While it seems somewhat fitting that those four pieces based on a steady flow of air were conceived and recorded in a situation of accelerated standstill caused by a respiratory disease, the Room40 founder is not so much concerned with capturing the zeitgeist than rather incorporating the spirit of time itself. »It is a record about presence and patience,« he explains. Exploring the unique sonic affordances of a singular instrument, »Observation of Breath« is not only devoted to the durability of sound but also to its density. 

Check the first excerpt “A Binding“.