Canadian sound artist and musician Landtitles has announced the release of a new album called Yoir Voice In Pieces which will be out on April 2nd via Slowcraft Records. According to the press release, it is a soulful collection of minimal electroacoustic music derived from cassette and reel-to-reel loops of synthesizer, organelle, guitar, melodica, dulcimer, piano, contact microphone and field recordings.

These organic, free-flowing sounds were subjected to extensive processing in Argeïphontes Lyre and Reaper, carefully collaged, selectively sequenced and are now warmly commended to the listener alongside the artist’s own arresting analogue photography.

That a work of such serene calm and unhurried focus can blossom from so broad a process and range of sources is testament to the judgement and restraint of composer, photographer and Vancouver Island resident Grant Gard. These are slow sounds for quiet moments, spacious modern melodies with real heart and soul, the perfect soundtrack to stopping the clocks and watching plants grow.

Check two excerpts below.