London based artist and producer Kit Grill has announced the release of a new album called Fragile which will be out on October 1st via Primary Colours. According to the press release, Musically, ‘Fragile’ is a more dance-centric record than his 2020 album ‘Ride’, with eleven blistering tracks aimed straight for the dancefloor. From the lush, pulsing synths and blistering beats of ‘Another Time’, to the hazy, sun-soaked ‘Wildflower’, Grill seeks to create dance music that is endlessly catchy and hugely uplifting. He draws heavily on a Euro-dance influence in his search for pop perfection with melody instrinsic to each track. The Italo disco sound of Giorgio Moroder is never too far away, climaxing with the pumping ‘Crash’ while the emotive dance of New Order is echoed in ‘Wandering Sky’ and ‘Romance’.

Check the first excerpt “Crash“.