Hydrangea is the collaborative album between Australian author and artist Holly Childs and Lithuanian artist Gediminas Žygusformerly known as J.G. Biberkopf. It will be out on November 20th via Subtext Records. The project was developed from a series of performances, and in collaboration with artists and filmmakers Metahaven, who designed the artwork for the album.

According to the press release, Hydrangea reflects on the Machiavellian strategies of political ideologists who have made use of contemporary and postmodern artistic strategies to design narrative uncertainty—covertly braiding together questionable truths, and bespoke reinterpretations of history for undisclosed political ends.

Given the subject matter, Hydrangea’s thought-provoking spoken-word can be a turbulent listen for the time being. Perhaps, the best tribute we can pay to this work is that it provides a space where art is stripped down to its fundamental core: the direct encounter with the audience.

Check the first excerpt “Just the Password Though, Right?“.