Back in 2020, Manchester based band Hello Cosmos have released their debut album called Dream Harder which is out now via Cosmic Glue. Now they have announced a new mixtape called Golden Dirt which will be out on November 19th via Cosmic Glue. “Hard enough to start with” is the new excerpt. Speaking about the track, Ben Robinson says of the track:

About 2pm on the 5th monday of lockdown with the collapse of live music weighing down on me I went to make some music for escapism, but even that wasn’t helping. I put down a bass line I thought was rubbish, mumbled into the microphone and being totally uninspired ranted about how I was feeling. Absolutely expected to delete the file and never see it again but when we were putting Golden Dirt together it felt like part of the story and Olchemist worked his production skills on it.

Listen below.