The artists of the German booking agency Von der Haardt have come up with an
idea; to unite and deliver one incredible compilation album with all proceeds donated to Médecins Sans Frontières. It’s called Haingeraide, but much before it became an album title a “Haingeraide” already embodied the values of cooperation and community that artists want to rescue today. As far back as the Middle Ages, German farmers established “Haingeraide” as a form of forest and land management cooperative.

We hereby refer to the collective as an ideal form of community. We as a family, in solidarity in hard times and far away from the influence of the authorities, stand united,” states Ralf Diemert, Founder and CEO of von der haardt.

The compilation features Pantha Du Prince, Hania Rani, José González, Sebastian Mullaert and many more. Check the first excerpt called “No Goodbye” by Hania Rani and Fejkà.