Halina Rice is a London based producer. According to her bio, she is renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, using multiple effects and sampling to create original and experimental sounds. Uniting elements of ambient, electronic, percussive and bass music, her sound ranges from evocative and melancholic soundscapes to beat- driven, punchy tracks.

She has announced the release of a new album called Elision which is out on September 30th via Injazero Records. According to the press release, it takes its cue from abstract and actual worlds fusing together, a common theme in Rice’s music, with a vision of uniting music, art and technology. Ranging from experimental to IDM, the ten tracks across the album represent a breadth of styles and pace. Tracks fuse natural or analog sounds with unrealistic treatments “The idea is to evoke places that don’t exist – like a surreal parallel world,” says Rice. Further tracks such as THIRD and HELIX  draw influence from artists such as Rival Consoles and Max Cooper to create more dance-orientated compositions.

Check the new excerpt “Third“.