Grace Acladna is a London-based singer-songwriter. She has grown up immersed in the worlds of Nina Simone and Bjork and influenced by an eclectic musical education that ranges from 1950’s musicals to 90’s dub and timeless gospel. Three years after Phonophobia, she’s back with a new track called “Following Fools”.

Grace explains: “I wrote this song as an evaluation of myself and also the world that we live in. How we often blindly accept the entertainment that’s offered to us without much criticism, because everyone else is watching/listening/reading it. Like how a lot of women listen to music that’s blatantly misogynistic, but dance along because it’s a banger. Or how we’re told a film is a classic, but there’s unchallenged racism or toxic relationships. I thought about how these things influence us, and what unknowingly sinks into our view of the world and our places in it. But it’s also about how my suppressed emotions are easier to watch being played out in front of me, than to express them myself.”

Listen below.