Glows is a South London experimental project of GG Skips and Felix Bayley which we introduced in 2019 with the debut EP JL Hooker Lover Pleasure Forever. After the release of “Tropic” with  Sorry’s Asha Lorenz, they have shared a new track called “Hold Hold“.

According to the press release, Whilst still taking inspiration from a web of conceptual and anthropological references, the track marks a departure from the personal narratives of the JL HOOKER EP. Led by an interest in communal gathering and the shared experience offered through dance music and club culture, it’s the first track from a new phase in which their kaleidoscopic approach is geared towards a more outward focus. Following the often melancholic JL EP and the underlying hum of anxiety on latest single “Tropics”, “Hold Hold” still maintains and channels these emotions. Its release marks the decision to wrestle them up and outwards towards a frantic yet euphoric intensity.

Listen below.