Glåsbird is an anonymous project who released debut EP in 2018. We introduced him/her with the 2019’s albums Grønland and Svalbarð. Now he’ has announced the release of a new album called Siberia which is out on August 28th via Whitelabrecs. With each edition in the collection, the artist concentrates on a different geographic location.

According to the press release, the theme of this album is Siberia; a double album befitting an exploration of the largest region on earth. Glåsbird has teamed up with glaciologist and photographer Nelly Elagina who provides first-hand accounts of Siberia in the form of images and captions from her time there. In the CD packaging, a special photo booklet has been included to showcase these experiences. For the artist, their account of this latest destination is entirely imagined. The first disc sets out to explore the beauty of the landscape and its ancient history. As with previous albums, the music feels icy cold but evocative, aiming to transport you to imagine the landscape in all its splendour for yourself. The second part of the album moves into more topical territory, portraying Siberia as it is today. Shifting weather patterns and devastating climate change inspire the mood of the compositions, which lean towards melancholy, tense or dramatic reflections, rounded off with a thought provoking title.