Gene On Earth is a California born, Berlin based producer and composer. He has announced the release of a new album called Time On Earth which will be out on June 3rd via his own Limousine Dream Imprint.

According to the press release, After a decade spent perfecting his craft, he burst into view in 2017 with a series of EPs on his label. Paired with his now iconic cartoon character, he united both underground connoisseurs and trend-following clubbers with a high-spirited style of music that is as underground as it is accessible. He released debut album ‘Local Fuzz’ in 2019 without warning or promotion, ending the year on multiple best-of lists. A series of fervently received mixes followed, placing him at the forefront of a new wave of deep digging DJ’s who favour undiscovered gems from years gone by. The union of studio talent and trend-setting DJ cemented his wiley alter-ego’s reputation as the most sought-after producer in his field. What was once a cult following has become a global fanbase, complete with a packed worldwide tour schedule.

Built for the dancefloor whilst maintaining a chewy, melodic core, “Pinseeker“is the first track to be taken from the album. Gene had this to say on it: “Combining tripping effects and memorable melodies spun over a driving core, ‘Pinseeker’ is one of the centrepieces of the album. It’s a track that I tested and revised numerous times until it became a complete dancefloor tune”.

Listen below.