Four years after Hymn Binding, American and Swedish composers Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist return with the project From the Mouth of the Sun. The new album is called Light Caught the Edges and will be out on October 15th via Lost Tribe Sound. According to the press release, it moves in new directions without being a complete sea change from their previous works. Over the last couple of years, From the Mouth of the Sun began introducing synths and experimenting outside of their more familiar acoustic sound sources. Rosenqvist pushed for a stronger sense of forward motion by utilizing a number of well chosen arpeggios and subtle percussive techniques.

The new album also features several guest musicians. Lisen Rylander Löve performs the saxophone on “Breaking Light.” Some may recall Lisen’s moving sax work on “Come Silence” from Rosenqvist’s 2016 solo album, ‘Elephant.’ Drummer Esben Willems (Monolord) also adds his talents to “Breaking Light.” Elsewhere, Jakob Lindhagen delivers a special piano performance on “Landing in the Dark.” Coincidentally, Rosenqvist and Lindhagen have just released a collaboration album with the US label Time Released Sound, entitled, ‘Stadsbilder,’ (Aug. 6th, 2021).

Even with the addition of new players, new tools, and the exploration of new genres, ‘Light Caught the Edges’ still sounds like a From the Mouth of the Sun album. The warm attentive presence of Martin’s string work, like rolling waves ever-folding in on themselves, help to calm the searing edges of Rosenqvist’s unpredictable dynamics. It’s an alluring push and pull that they have perfected over the course of four albums, an EP, and multiple film scores. 

Check some excerpts below.