15 years after N’écoutez pas, Canadian band Fly Pan Am returned a new album called C’est ça in 2019. They quietly reunited in late 2017 for purely artistic reasons (needless to say), to explore making new music together after more than a decade spent in pursuit of separate sonic adventures. A few months after “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority” for Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series., they have announced the release of a new album.

Frontera will be out on May 21st via Constellation Records. According to the press release, Juxtaposing stern foreboding electronics and minimalist motorik avant-rock, the Frontera studio album superbly captures the bristling, sculpted, intensely evocative live score that Fly Pan Am developed in close conception and collaboration with Dana Gingras and her Montréal-based dance troupe Animals Of Distinction.

Scanner” is the first excerpt. Listen below.