We introduced different times London-based producer and singer-songwriter Fifi Rong (known also for the collaboration with Skepta, Yello, Tricky). She’s back with a new track called “Dream On” which and precedes her upcoming self-produced solo album, There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved.

She explains: “The purity of love to me, usually happens in a dream and expires in the morning sun, unless I capture these dreams into my songs. My lyrics are subtle and subliminal but ‘Dream On’ has the most direct and emotionally brutal words. My kind of ‘direct’, though, still multi-layered metaphors. Like every song on this album, I have just finished a Chinese version of this song too. Being able to glide through musical elements and deliveries between the two languages and cultures really allow me to fully express what I want to say with my work.

Listen below.