Swedish producer and singer-songwriter Sarah Assbring aka El Perro Del Mar is back with a new track called “The Bells” which is out now via Memphis Industries.

It was originally written for the screen, the Swedish comedy ”Ring mamma!” about a tumultuous woman trying to make sense of her life and the people in it. She says:  “The song kind of grew on me. Maybe because it tells of something sweet and untarnished and very hopeful and so I felt I wanted to make something more of it. But first I had to find a place for me in it. I am, as you know, not sweet and untarnished. I wanted to create a world for it. So together with my faithful partner Jacob Haage and the producer Patrik Berger I created this jangly soundscape. I remember recording the vocals at the same time when the Corona virus hit the world and it seemed quite ironic to be singing about something as trivial as love. But then it hit me that love is perhaps what we need especially these days. That and hope. Which made the last phrase of the song ”baby I can’t wait ’til tomorrow” ring even more bittersweet and true. I really can’t wait until tomorrow”.

Listen below.