Toronto based singer-songwriter Drew Smith, known for his work as band member of acclaimed Toronto bands Bunny and The Bicycles, has announced the release of a new solo EP. It’s called Git Along, Little Doggie and will be out on September 30th via Tin Angel Records. It features Sandro Perri, Joseph Shabason and many more.

It was made in the quiet moments of lockdown and new found Fatherhood,  finding pockets of time in the middle of night, during nap times and when his partner would take the baby for a walk  “I have no real memory of the recording process, it was a haze of dirty diaper fumes and bad-to-no sleep”. Like for many musicians, lock down invited the opportunity to create freely, with little to no pressure, free from what Smith describes as ‘album hell’: “it was good to make something fast and freely, it reminded me how fun making music can be”. 

Check the first excerpt “Dawn of the Day“.