Swedish producer and composer DJ SEINFELD has announced the release of the new album called Mirrors which will be out on September 3rd via Ninja Tune. According to the press release, If much of DJ Seinfeld’s previous work was characterised by a sepia-tinged haze, a result of the producer’s deliberately lo-fi production techniques, then brand new album “Mirrors” sees his music come firmly into focus.

We already shared “U Already Know” and “These Things Will Come To Be“; “She Loves Me” is a new excerpt which features Stella Explorer. He explains: “This song is called ‘She Loves Me’ and features the ridiculously talented Stella Explorer. I was connected with Stella by my friend Oskar who runs the label Year0001. He had sent me some of her stuff, I loved it, and so he put us in contact”.

“Stella and I mailed some music back and forth, and one day I received the beautiful vocal that is in the piece today. I hold this song extremely close to my heart, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. Much Love, Armand”

Listen below.