Coby Sey is a London-based NTS Radio DJ and musician. According to his bio, he shared a 5-track record on Young Turks’ sub-label Whitiesin 2019. A long time collaborator of Mica Levi and Tirzah, Coby now forges his own path as producer. Sey’s atmospheric sound spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions, and classical and experimental music. Similar to Actress and Dean Blunt, Sey’s work reflects the steamy and sheltered eroticism of London’s nightlife. 

He has announced the release of the debut album called Conduit which will be out on September 9th via AD 93. According to the press release, An album that takes the form of a radical channel, this record conveys music’s resolute power of magic and truth via his uniquely woozy and corrosive post-grime sound that flirts with post-punk, jazz fusion and experimental electronics.

Check the new excerpt below.