Clay Beds are the Tacoma, Washington duo which include  John Anderson and Hailee Rogers. We introduced them with the self-titled debut EP. Now they have annouced a new album called Kisses which will be out on April 30th via Hush Hush Records. According to the press release, ‘Kisses’ builds upon the promise of its preceding EP with a cleaner and more confident sound. Whereas their debut EP was raw, fuzzy, and murky, Clay Beds’ debut album finds a renewed focus on a more live and organic approach.

John’s rich guitar tones serve as the foundation for the new material, allowing each song to gently unfurl with an unhurried ease as he layers in textural beats and warm atmospherics. These dynamic backdrops find a perfect match in Hailee’s ethereal vocals, which swoop, sway, and soar in bolder fashion this time around. With her voice now more prominent in the mix, Hailee’s enigmatic lyrics and supremely beautiful melodies shine bright throughout the album’s 42-minute journey. While their sound has taken a significant leap since their debut EP, ‘Kisses’ still finds Clay Beds operating within an amorphous genre-blurring landscape that explores the fringes of psychedelic dream-pop with a reverence for earthy R&B and traces of introspective hip-hop.

An album that follows in Hush Hush’s tradition of presenting dreamy leftfield pop from emerging duos, Clay Beds’ ‘Kisses’ rests comfortably alongside Cock & Swan’s ‘Secret Angles,’ NAVVI’s ‘Omni’, and Ocean Hope’s ‘Rolling Days’ as another addictive vocal-laced album within the label’s cinematic discography. 

Check the first excerpt “One More Time“.