Chaz Knapp is a Dallas based organist and composer. He has announced the release of a new album called Organ Drunes which will be out on April 2nd via figureight records. It is a series of solo performances for a second-hand Yamaha YC45-D electric organ.

According to the press release, it is an experimental record with an intimately humane sense of humour. It is at once reduced, distilled dance music and nebulous freeform clouds of chord washes. It is both strange and warm. Demanding and giving. Its odd moments of harshness are offset against soaring, joyous beauty. The music suits Chaz Knapp: “I realized I can’t always control the music. Sometimes you need to let the music control you. I was finally able to let it.”

We already shared “My TMJ Pain Might Be An Abscess“; “97F at 9PM” is a new excerpt. Listen below.